Summer Songs 

    Flipbooks, Songs and
    Animated Videos.
    Narrated for Desktops
    and Laptops
    By Jellybean Television
    Children love   "The Little Red Car Song" 
    Action Songs:                                    
    1. Little Red Car                            Listen
    2. Kiwi Kids                                  Listen
    3. The Big Blue Ocean                   Listen
    4. Mikaela's lullaby                        Listen
    5. Fives Loaves Of Bread               Listen
    6. Round Like A Circle                    Listen
    7. Seven Little Crabs                      Listen
    8. Mr Frog                                     Listen
    9. Angel Wings                               Listen
    10. I'm Not A Spy                           Listen
    11. Sing A Song Of Summer             Listen  
    12. Exploring Rap                           Listen
    13. Exploring Rap Music                 Listen  
    14. Spy Music                                Listen  
    15. Dragonfly Green                       Listen