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New Testament

Zechariah Can't Talk

When Jesus Was Twelve

Jesus' Temptation

Jesus' Calls The Fishermen

The wedding in Cana

Trouble in the Temple 

Jesus and the woman at the well

Fishing with Peter (A second Chance).
Jesus Writes In The Dust

Zacchaeus Climbs A Tree

Kids Club - Zacchaeus Climbs a Tree

Jesus Loves Children
Lord's Prayer Part 1
Lord's Prayer Part 2
The Paralyzed Man (Down through Roof)

The Official's Son (Noble Man's son).

Nicodemus' questions

The Way Truth And Life

Parable Come To My Feast

Parable Of The Lost Coin
The Lost Son (The Loving Father).

The Good Samaritan

Parable Of Ten Talents

The Sower - Harvest thanksgiving.
The Rich Fool

The Shepherd
Two Small Coins
Palm Sunday

The Last Supper

Painting The Door Frames

New Life

The Amazing Breakfast

Jesus Resurrection
Pentecost - Holy Spirit Comes.

Peter Heals The Lame Man -
In the name of Jesus.

Philip And The Ethiopian

Road To Emmaus

Jesus' Returns To Heaven
Christmas Advent Calendar

Mary And The Angel

The Birth Of Jesus


Palm Sunday

The Last supper

Jesus Resurrection
Old Testament

Baby Moses

The Burning Bush

Nine Plagues

Painting the door frames

Crossing The Red Sea

Bread From Heaven

The Ten Commandments

Joshua and Caleb

Rahab and the spies

Conquering Jericho

The Shepherd Psalm 23