Easter Surprise Booklets   

PDF Booklet  Cover Eggs  

 *Introduction to Easter -  for very young children.
 * Teaching ideas for this story:


Big Book:


Capture pictures to print and laminate - make big book.


Make Larger Easter eggs - cover seal or laminate.


 Valcrose over - remove to reveal story picture.


* Easter Surprise Eggs


* 12 egg  plastic camping egg container -


from Katmandu or similar  shops


* Plastic eggs  that separate - usually come with lollies inside


 about Easter time  -packs of six from Warehouse etc x2


*  Some small props - rock, heart, smiley face, cross etc.


 These need to fit inside the eggs.


Use pictures from book for   those you can't source.


* Capture and print pictures about walnut size or smaller  - laminate.


* Be aware that the plastic eggs are quite fragile
and the props small so stay with teacher.


The children can take turns to get them out and show the class.


* Use the Surprise Eggs  book with this as you tell the story.


The children love surprises!