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Preschool  Kids Church / Sunday School Classes etc.
Teaching Resources  through the main Bible Stories.

Teaching preschool children well takes preparation!

Get help from seniors or others in your church. 

            Even older children can help.
            Simple, visual and not too long. 
Use with resources that you may already have.
A few ideas: 
* Every family in my class get a free Noah's Ark CD
available from Itunes
songs stay in their heart for their life.


* Every child gets a "Small Picture Bible For Pre-schoolers"
 see below. 


* I have made a Big Book of this, with Velcro pictures.
In the lesson plans this is called "My Bible." 
Children love interactive props and take turns to put them on.


* Every child hears that Jesus loves them regularly 
either with a puppet saying their name ,
 "David Jesus loves you."
Or use a mirror:  "Can you see who Jesus loves?
Yes! Jesus loves David." 


* A fun take home activity that reflects the story.


* A booklet of the story - parents read this and learn too!


* I begin with a standing up fun action song.
The next songs the children usually sit for. 
The words are at the end of the Lesson Plans for your convenience. 
The lesson includes 3 fun action songs from Noah's Ark CD
An action rhyme or finger play - often from Noah's Ark CD.
Simple Bible verse 
Story Activity related to Bible story
it helps them to remember.
They use these to play "church" at home. 
Make story visual and have variety.
I have found it easier to establish a routine
for the lesson time where toys are out of reach
or else to teach in a toy free room.
We have very young children who stay for the story
if they are  settled. Usually they soon get interested in the fun props. 
We encourage parents to sit in class with them if necessary
or take them to another area. 
I have a mat or cushions where the children
get used to going to for story time. 
Snap the story along quickly to keep the children focused.
Their concentration is short at this level. 
(my class is 18 months to 5 years.)
Do the story in a variety of ways:
for example use dolls which act the story, use drama 
we all join in - a book, flash cards, magnet board,
story on ice block sticks,
attach pictures to pegs on a line.
Make a Big Book. Flip puppet which can 
flip up or drop characters down.
Use the puppets from web.
For a change make them stand
by sticking to a little box or stand in a slit. 
There is no one way fits all! Just use the ideas
that work for you and add your own style and props.
* If this material is useful, or you have suggestions, 
we would love to hear from you!
* Lesson Plans: 
Accompanying booklets available

By Jellybean Television
Flipbooks, Songs and
Animated Videos.
Narrated for Desktops
and Laptops

Activities also available beside story Booklets

Contact us if you are looking for any particular activity      
[email protected]
Old Testament Books Here
Teachers Prop - Large Big Bible
A4 Book
Cover  A4
* Lesson Plan : The Bible -         PDF
* Lesson Plan Creation (part 1): PDF
* Lesson Plan Creation (part 2): PDF
* Old Testament. 
Adam & Eve Don't Touch That Tree   PDF
No 1.  No 2.  No 3.  No 4.  No 5
Adam & Eve Props  Adam Cupie Doll   Eve Cupie Doll
Adam Col  b&w  Fig Leaf Stick on:  Col  b&w
Fold around:  Col  b&w
Eve Col  b&w  Fig leaf stick on:  Col  b&w
Fold around:  Col  b&w
Noah part 1    PDF


Noah's Ark Cute   Ark & Rainbow Col   Ark & Rainbow B&W
Noah & Wife Col   Noah & Wife B&W   Ark & Door Col  
Ark & Door B&W
Noah & Wife Rainbow Cut Outs Col   Ark & Plank Cute Col  
Rainbow Thank you Cards Col
Rainbow Thank you Cards B&W   Ark Threading Activity
Noah & Wife Rainbow Cut Outs B&W
Noah part 2    PDF

Activities: As Above

Joseph's coat  PDF


 Joseph Activity 1  Activity 2  Activity 3  Activity 4
* Joseph Helps His Brothers  PDF
Corn Bags Josephs Egypt Costumes Col  b&w

Joseph Col   b&w

Baby Moses Part 1   PDF
Basket Col & B&W  Hippo Col   b&w   Princess Col  b&w

Snake Col  b&w   Stork Col   b&w

Baby Moses Part 2   PDF

Activities: As Above

Moses - The Red Sea  PDF
  Moses Folding Activity Col    Moses Folding Activity b&w

Folding Activity Photo   Chariots Activity Col  b&w

Moses - Follow The Cloud   PDF
Cloud Big Folding -  Cloud 1   Cloud 2  
                        Cloud 3   Cloud 4   Cloud 5
                        Cloud 6 Col   Cloud 7 B&w  
  Pillar of fire - Fire Big 1   Fire 2   Fire 3 


*  Manna - Bread From Heaven  PDF
      Manna Activity Page   Page 1 Col  
      Page 2 b&w  No 3 Col  No 4 b&w 
      Bowl Empty Col  Bowl Empty b&w  
      Manna Gathering Col   Manna Gathering b&w


*  The Ten Commandments:  PDF


* Old T  Mission Money  PDF


* Old T  David Looks after his sheep.  PDF

Activities - David.


* Old T  David The Lion & The Bear   PDF

Activities - David.

* Old T  David And Goliath   PDF

Activities - David.

* Old T  Daniel In The Lions Den   PDF
Wheel Activity:
Daniel Wheel Col
Daniel Wheel b&w
Wheel Front Col   Wheel Base Col
Wheel Col plain   Wheel Base Col plain
Wheel Front b&w   Wheel Base b&w
Wheel b&w plain   Wheel Base b&w plain 


* Old T  Jonah Tries To Run Away Part 1  PDF
Jonah Activity Folding Col  Fish Activity Col  Fish Activity b&w
Jonah Fish Folding b&w  Jonah Col   Jonah b&w


* Old T  Jonah Tries To Run Away Part 2  PDF

Activities as above.

* Old T  Oil That Never Runs Out:   PDF


* Old T  Hannah's Prayer


Praying Hands Front  Praying Hands Back

Boy Samuels Head

* Old T  Samuel Hears From God.   PDF
Activities: Samuel hears Col  b&w
                 Bed: Col  b&w  b&w  Col

* Old T. Gideon's Fleece   PDF


New Testament  Books Here

Activities also available beside story Booklets
* Jesus was a child like me   PDF


* When Jesus Was A Boy He Went To Church   PDF


* Jesus Loves Me    PDF  
Activity1  Activity2  Activity Activity Activity Activity6


* Love One Another    PDF


* Jesus Goes To a Wedding (Water into wine)   PDF

* The Prodigal Son   PDF


* The Boy shares his lunch    PDF 
* The Good Samaritan   PDF 
 Folding Craft x3


* Zacchaeus - Climbs a tree   PDF 
Activity1  Activity2  Activity3  Activity4


* Blind Bartimaeus    PDF  
 Activity1   Activity Activity Activity Activity5


* The House On The Rock   PDF


* Safe In The Boat With Jesus - Jesus Calms The Storm  PDF


* The Silly Greedy Farmer    PDF

* The Two Builders    PDF

Activity: Build on the Rock - Col  b&w
House Page Col   House Page Words
Cute House Col   b&w


* Down through the roof     PDF  
 Activity1  Activity 1 b&w
Activity2 Activity2 b&w Activity3
Activity4 Instructions


* She Just reached Out     PDF  
Activity  Activity b&w
Hand Sticker


* Bent Over   PDF


* Fishing with Peter  PDF   
Activities - Empty full net - Fishing activity -
Net & Fish - Page of fishes  Sliding activity
b&w - Cut out - Sliding activity -
Empty Net - Net Full Page of fishes 


* The Lost Sheep - Precious Lamb   PDF    
Activity:  PDF
* The Lost Sheep   PDF  
Activity:   Page of Lamb activities   PDF   
Lamb Cord Leg Activity  Paper Bag Puppet  PDF


* The Leper says thank you   PDF  
* The Woman By The Well   PDF
Well Col   Well b&w


* Palm Sunday: Jesus Rides A Donkey To Church   PDF


John The Baptist   PDF     
Activity1Col  Activity1b&w  Instructions 
Activity2Col  Activity2b&w  John in River Col
John in River b&w  This is My Beloved Son Col
This is My Beloved Son b&w
Jesus & Dove Col   Jesus & Dove b&w  Beehive Rhyme
Bees Col 
Bees b&w 


* Jairus's Daughter    PDF    
Activity1Col  Activity1b&w Activity2Col  Activity2b&w
PDF Download


* Peter Walks On The Water    PDF 
Men From Boat


* Two Small Coins    PDF


* Timothy Loves God      PDF


* If Jesus Came To My House    PDF


* Parable Of The Ten Talents - The Good Worker   PDF 
* Rose and Daisy - Tell The Truth -Stealing -
Jealousy      PDF 
Tell The truth Activity Col    PDF
Tell The Truth Activity b&w   PDF  
Rose & Daisy Graphics   Daisy Puppet   Daisy Stick Puppet  
Rose Puppet  Rose Stick Puppet  


* Parable of the Sower    PDF


* Mathew Follows Jesus    PDF


* Fishermen Follow Jesus   PDF


* Washing Feet     PDF  
Activity 2 B&W  Activity 2 Col


* The Last Supper   PDF


* Visitors Week, God Made Me    PDF


* Bible Stories Revisited    PDF


* Extra Program 1 - After Christmas - The Best Present:    PDF

Activity: Presents Col   Presents b&w 

* Extra Program 2 - Be a Kind Friend:    PDF
* Extra Program 3 - God Is Everywhere      PDF


* Holiday Program 5 - Jesus Your Forever Friend:     PDF


* Holiday Program 6 -
God Made Everything- Butterflies and YOU!:    PDF
    * Christmas Part 1: Donkey to Bethlehem -   PDF
      Born in a stable.   


    * Christmas Part 2: Angel's and Shepherds.   PDF


    * Christmas Part 3:  Wise men bring Presents.  PDF

Wise Men

* Christmas Part 4: Wise Men visit the King Herod.  PDF

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